Storage Units in Sacramento

At Longview Drive Self Storage in Sacramento, we have a wide range of storage unit sizes. We offer 636 storage units ranging in size from 3’x4′ to 20’x31′. Our expert staff is here to help answer all your storage questions. We can tell you the most efficient and secure methods to store your property as well as recommend movers and places to purchase any needed storage supplies. When you move in you will need to pay your first month’s rent and a ominal cleaning deposit of $15-$25. We do have occasional move-in specials and will always attempt to meet any competitors’ prices. Once you move in, your rental agreement is on a month-to-month basis.

Secure Storage

We take security seriously at Longview Drive Self Storage in Sacramento. We have employees living on both ends of the property and hourly security checks are performed throughout the day. You can provide your own lock or purchase a lock when you move in. Insurance is not required to store your items with Longview Drive Self Storage. If you want insurance you should first check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see if your stored property is covered by your policy. If you find that you do want insurance, we can provide you the name of an insurance carrier that specializes in self storage. Common sense and state laws determine what can be stored. Since you alone have access to your space, do not store anything that needs a controlled environment. This would include live animals and plants, explosive or flammable items, toxic materials, food, or liquids. Do not tempt unwanted critters with food, candles, dried flowers or your favorite sweater. We use an exterminator who inspects and services our facility on a regular basis but if you have a concern, our staff can also provide you with specific packing tips to ensure that your stored property is not damaged.

Storage Unit Sizes

Picking the right size storage unit will ensure that you don’t pay too much and have enough space for all your items. Check out our guide to help choose a unit size on our storage prices page.